Medical Staff

  • Dr. Colleen Lawler, Medical Director, Internal Medicine, Family Planning Director
  • Dr. Kevin Neill, Lab Director, Pathology
  • Dr. James Schwab, Pediatrics
  • Dr. Tanya Vargas, Pediatrics
  • Dr. Dean Hinners, Podiatry

Mid-Level Providers

  • Elizabeth Bebout, PA-C
  • Maureen Klemme, APN
  • Christine Davis, APN
  • Leon Gauthier, PA-C
  • Daniel Dansby, APN
  • Erin Brown, MSN, APRN, CPNP-PC
  • Natasha Shafer, APN
  • Rebekah Bogan, APN
  • Kari Koster, APN BH Psych
  • Pennie Smith, PA-C
  • James Tucka, LCSW
  • Courtney Landgraf, FNP-C 

Dental Staff

  • Bradley Bader, DDS
  • James Bowman, DMD
  • Jessi Carr, RDH
  • Mahmoud Jallad, DDS
  • Jackie Lewis, RDH
  • Elizabeth Moore, DMD
  • Amir Namazi, DDS

    Walk in Appointments Available Daily

    We never turn anyone away no matter your financial situation. We will help you get the medical care you need and require. Take time familiarizing yourself with our forms prior to bringing them with you to your appointment signed and dated.